heres to life through rose colored glasses.

I'm Darby and I specialize in wedding and lifestyle photography. Living in Mississauga, Ontario I serve the GTA and Beyond! (beyond meaning anywhere I can get a Pina Colada at the snap of a finger)

My Job? well that would be to tell your story! 
When two people fall in love they create new beginnings - sometimes a story so beautiful that it turns into a Nicholas Sparks movie... call me a hopeless romantic.

People always say I'm a women of few words.
But thats because I talk through my Images,

Lets meet and I'll scramble together some sentences over a cup of coffee!

I'm as cool as a cucumber.

But, Instead of being 96% water, I'm a successful 96% Starbucks Blonde Roast. 

3 Items I won't be seen without

  1. Buxom Lipgloss
  2. A pen that doesn't work
  3. 25oz Corkcircle water bottle that gets mistaken as a cocktail mixer... far too often