Hamilton Waterfall Engagement Session - Kierstyn + Tanner


"In the blink of an eye, Everything can change.

so forgive often and love with all your heart"

I'm sure you're aware that penguins mate for life, and not only that but they "propose" to their mate with a pebble. Now you're probably wondering why I'm talking about penguins.

Well, Kierstyn and Tanners engagement session is somewhat penguin like... and heres why

Kierstyn and Tanner decided upon a beautiful waterfall spot in Hamilton for their engagement session, and it was perfect for them. Kierstyn loves all things nature and is pretty much a Disney Princess in real life (she had deers show up when Tanner proposed... need I say more?) 

The day was calling for rain but skies seemed to clear up and with the amount of rain we had gotten lately the waterfall was generously flowing, what could possibly go wrong! 
We decided to slowly make our way down to the bottom of the falls and saw a very pretty looking river with a 30ft high cliff beside it! We made our way over and as Kierstyn scanned the wall she decided upon one spot and said "This area looks the safest" we were 1 minute into taking pictures in this spot and a loud chilling snap was made and in the blink of an eye, debris and a sheet of dirt was falling from above us. 

Our initial instinct at the sound of the snap was to run, we couldn't see where we were running we just knew we had to run. After making it through the flying rocks and falling dirt we looked like what "@dirtybootsmessyhair" instagram page really should look like... Kierstyn did say she wanted an "earthy" vibe for her engagement shoot. 

So back to penguins... Long story short, Kierstyn and Tanner are going to be mates for life, and Tanner did propose with a "rock" - a stunning ring but I'm thinking a pebble was needed, but the pebble was just more on the size scale of a boulder. 

Being in the midst of something scary like this makes you realize how fortunate we are. 
Life is so precious and we want to cherish every second we have, not take things for granted. 
It helps you realize where your values are, who you love, and ultimately that you are living the best life you possibly can. Do something with purpose. Make an impact, and more than anything, create something new.


Here you will see a giant boulder that missed us by a foot - the aftermath. 

DISCLAIMER: No clients were hurt in the making of these beautiful engagement photos lol

Don’t go chasing waterfalls,
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.