Toronto Botanical Gardens Engagement - Meghan + Fred

I think Meghan and Fred take the lead for picking all the dates we got rained on.

Fast forward to X amount of rescheduling / location changes we FINALLY got to meet and shoot together at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Toronto, and unlike some of the other RBG this one was free entrance!

Everyone was out that evening soaking up the sun but we made the busy park work, and tucked away into the little hidden spots.

…We also saw a groundhog(?) (which we thought was a beaver at first, oops, ok maybe just i thought it was a beaver) so of course Mr. Hog had to make an appearance in their photos.

Words from Meghan: ”DARBY!!! Thank you SO SO MUCH! We are overjoyed and so happy at how the photos came out. You made us feel so comfortable even when we thought we looked awkward and weird. You are the real MVP♥️♥️♥️♥️  We can’t thank you enough for everything. Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! “