Jade + Brendon - Andrews Scenic Acres, Georgetown, ON

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to document that moment in your life! 

I've known Jade ever since we were toddlers, we reconnected when I moved out here over a year ago and It feels like there is no lost time. I was more than ecstatic to be able to capture these two on their 3 year anniversary. 

Julie + Kalvin - Whitby, ON

Julie and Kalvin are not only high school sweethearts, but the best of friends!
They have two adorable kids (one she was pregnant with when Kalvin proposed) and together they all make the happiest family you will ever see. So of course when I asked Julie and Kalvin what they do in their spare time as a couple they couldn't think of something they do that doesn't involve the kids, and they prefer it that way! So Leon and Jade came along for a portion of the Engagement shoot, as they wanted to bring in the most important ones in their life at this happy time. 

And a Bonus, I get to document her, and her bridesmaids Samantha's big days within months! :)